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April 2019 -  The Musical Instrument Museum in America, have a few Zemaitis on display at  present. Ronnie Wood's metal front and one of George Harrison's acoustics.

March 2019 -  Dave Gilmour is auctioning a lot of his guitars for charity. Included in the auction is the acoustic bass that Tony made him.

February 2019 -  Good to hear that Z  club member Gordon Giltrap has been awarded the M.B.E.

January 2019 - Happy New Year!

December 2018 - Danny O'Brien's contract with Zemaitis International ends.

November 2018 - Geddy Lee of Rush has a book published next month, all about his instrument collection. Expect a few Zemaitis in there.

1st August 2018 - The latest Z Gazette is out now! 20 paes of full colour Zemaitis features.

18th May 2018 - Letters went out to all members of the Zemaitis club, regarding the new GDPR  rules that come into force 25th May 2018. We keep all club member's details on cards, not on computer.

April 2018 - The Spring edition of the Z Gaazette is otut now, featuribg  an article from Tony Zemaitis on 12 string guitars.

February 2018 - The OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST, returned for one night only. Peter Frampton flew in from America, to be interviewed and perform.

October 2017 - The latest edition of SHINDIG magazine has a front cover showing Ronnie Lane holding a Zemaitis guitar.

24th December 2016 - Just heard Rick Parfitt O.B.E. has passed away. He played a Zemaitis Dragon front for a while, originally made for Mick Moody.

December 2016 - Sorry to hear that Greg Lake has passed away. He ordered a number of instruments from Tony.

October 2016 - Joe Brown is our latest Honorary member. Joe has a Zemaitis "Thames valley special" given to him by George Harrison.

19th September 2016 - I was interviewed by American radio station MPLS. I spoke about Zemaitis guitars new and old. If you have two hours spare, here is the link.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

August 2016 - Peter Frampton became an Honorary member of the Zemaitis owners club.  Peter owns a metal front built by Tony.

May 2016 - June issue of Guitarist (UK magazine) has a 25+ page spread on Zemaitis including the front cover. It celebrates Zemaitis Guitars' 60th anniversary.

January 2016 -  Happy New Year from the Z club. 2016 is an exciting year with the Generation 2 Zemaitis instruments and also Guitarist magazine is featuring some Tony Z built guitars too. Lovely photo of RONNIE LANE holding his Zemaitis resonator in  the current CLASSIC ROCK magazine.

December 2015 -  Christmas issue of the Z Gazette is out now, Full colour pages and interesting articles and news.

November 2015 - You don't have to be famous to join the club, though Geddy Lee of Rush has done just that.

September 2015 - Steve Harley of Cockney Rebel becomes the latest club  member. He was pictured with a Zemaitis acoustic in the Daily Mail.

August 2015 -  Summer edition of Z Gazette published. Full colour magazine free to members.

March 2015Cliff Williams bassist of AC/DC joins the club.

February 2015 - Steve Harley joins the Z club.

January 2015 - Gilby Clarke's website features his Zemaitis guitar collection

December 2014 - "The Strat in the attic 2" book is published. It features a chapter about a Zemaitis guitar built for Ronnie Lane in 1969.

November 2014 - Vintage Guitar magazine ran a feature on Gilby Clarke. In his interview he talks a lot about his Zemaitis Guitars.

Vintage Guitar magazine's feature on Gilby Clarke including his Zemaitis Guitars

October 2014 - Zemaitis guitar made for Ronnie Lane, used by Ronnie Wood in THE FACES on You Tube:

October 2014 -  Just heard that the book STRAT IN THE ATTIC 2 , published in November, will feature a story about a special Zemaitis guitar!

September 2014 -  Chairman Keith Smart appeared with a Zemaitis at THE SMALL FACES convention in London. Glen Matlock of THE SEX PISTOLS and also THE FACES had a play of it. You can read about it in the next Z Gazette, out December 2014.

July 2014 - Zemaitis International are exhibiting at the Summer NAMM in Nashville. They are on booth 1353. Chuck will be on the stand to let you know all about Zemaitis instruments.

April 2014 - Stones Gear published, featuring old and new Zemaitis guitars.

March 2014 - Guitar Player magazine have a feature on the "Rolling Stones Gear" book and a lovely front cover with Ronnie playing one of his Zs.

Guitar Player magazine

February 2014 - Andy Babiuk's new book "Rolling Stones Gear" is previewed with an extract in Premier Guitar. Not surprisingly there are some Zemaitis guitars.

January 2014 - Zemaitis International are exhibiting at NAMM2014 in California -  Booth E1252. They will be launching Generation 2 Zemaitis Guitars!

January 2014 - Just seen a copy of "1001 Guitars to Dream of Playing Before You Die". It has four Zemaitis guitars: Eric Clapton's Ivan the Terrible 12-string, a Metal Front, an electric Metal Front bass and an acoustic bass.

December 2013 - The latest issue of THE Z GAZETTE is out! Full colour and available to members of the Z Club.

October 2013 - The Virgin 40 exhibition in London included a large photograph of Mike with his guitars, including a Zemaitis acoustic bass.

August 2013 - The latest Z may is published , colour throughout!!!

June 2013 - UK national newspaper The Mail on Sunday had a very interesting article on Eric Clapton. It included his famous 12-string "Ivan the Terrible": I choked up as my guitars were sold: Eric Clapton on raising £10m for charity but having his heart broken in the process


June 2013 - Sad news that long-time Z-club member, Mark from Australia, passed away. Our condolences go to his family and friends.

April 2013 - New Z GAZETTE club magazine is out - now in colour!

The Z Gazette - Official Zemaitis Guitar Owners Club magazine

November 2012 - Crossfire Hurricane is a film celebrating The Rolling Stones' 50th anniversary. It has lots of great shots of Ronnie Wood playing his Zemaitis Disc Front, Metal Front and Pearl Front guitars. It also has rare footage of Keith Richards with his Zemaitis Macabre.

November 2012 - The video for The Rolling Stones' new single, Doom And Gloom, has Ronnie Wood playing his Zemaitis Disc Front:

November 2012 - The latest GUITARIST magazine ( December issue ) , features the ZEMAITIS acoustic that Tony built for Ralph McTell.

October 2012 - Mail on Sunday magazine featured a new Zemaitis Pearl Front in its Objects of Desire section.

Tony Zemaitis received a mention in the latest GUITARIST magazine ( November issue ). Steve Harley spoke about his Zemaitis in the magazine.

September 2012 - Another article on the 'Hendrix shaving' in the Collective Spirit BOAT PROJECT - October edition of Guitar and Bass

August 2012 - Another Zemaitis metal front on Internet auction site with COPY engraving! Zemaitis guitars appear in GREAT BRITISH ELECTRIC GUITAR BIBLE (they reprinted an article on my collection from 2004, most of the guitars have been sold now).

July 2012 - Zemaitis on Internet auction site with COPY engraving!!

May 2012 - Zemaitis gets another mention regarding the Collective Spirit BOAT PROJECT - TIME magazine.

April 2012 - There is a photo of the shavings from the Jimi Hendrix played Zemaitis 12 string in the GUARDIAN newspaper (2nd Aptil 2012).

You can read in the paper how they were donated to THE BOAT PROJECT.

April 2012 - Guns n Roses and The Faces were inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame - both bands played Zemaitis Guitars at their induction! Here are some videos (taken from the audience so not great quality):


March 2012 - The Sun newspaper spoke to the Z Club about the JIMI HENDRIX shavings donated to the Boat Project ( The article is due in April.

February 2012 - Daily Mail (UK newspaper) has an article entitled Steve Harley: What makes the Cockney Rebel singer smile? Number 1 is his Zemaitis!

January 2012 -The estate of GEORGE HARRISON announced their involvement in the APP for I Pad THE GUITAR COLLECTION OF GEORGE HARRISON. The APP will feature a tour of George's guitars, including one of his Zemaitis acoustics.

November 2011 -The George Harrison film LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD is released. George was a collector of Zemaitis guitars (and also gave them as gifts to friends). A few of his Zemaitis guitars appear in the film.

October 2011 -THE FACES 1960-1975 book alunch in Guildford, Surrey. The walls are lined with photos of The Faces, mostly playing Zemaitis instruments.

August 2011 -THE FACES 1969 -1975 book is published in September. It is being issued as a limited edition, signed by Ronnie Wood, Kenney Jones and Ian McClagan. The book  contains many unpublished photographs of the band with their Zemaitis instruments.


JULY 2011 -   As a tribute to Tony Zemaitis, I  donated some shavings from the 1960 Zemaitis 12 string played by JIMI HENDRIX in 1967 to THE BOAT PROJECT. I don't own the guitar, but the Luthier who worked on it gave me some  of the shavings (I also gave some to the Zemaitis museum in Japan). They are building a boat out of donated wood (most donations were larger than shavings though). You can read about it at I told them, all about Tony, there will be a book published to celebrate the launch in 2012. It is all part of the London 2012 Olympiad celebrations. I am sure Tony would have been amused by it.

May 2011 -  Zemaitis instruments (and Tony Zemaitis) are featured in Andy Neil's book on The Faces (ISBN 978-1-84938-073-7). Called HAD ME  A REAL GOOD TIME, it's a really good read (one of the best group biogs that I have read). Details

May 2011 -  The Zemaitis Guitar Owners Club is now on TWITTER. Follows us there    @zemaitisclub

April 2011 -  The June edition of VINTAGE GUITAR  is out now with a feature on Zak Wylde. There are photographs of some of Zak's guitars, including a Zemaitis metal front with Black Label Society engraving.

March 2011 - You can now pay your subscriptions online using PayPal  - see the Zemaitis Club page.

March 2011 - The Eric Clapton sale at Bonhams in aid of The Crossroads Centre features two Zemaitis guitars: A 2005 Zemaitis Custom acoustic and a 2005 electric Zemaitis  S22BP 35 from Eric's collection. The 2005 Custom acoustic raised $61,000 and the 2005 electric raised $75,640.  A great boost for Eric's charity!

February 2011 - Donovan appeared on BBC Breakfast news. Well worth having a look, if you have BBC I player. The interview is very good and the BBC show clips of Donovan with his Zemaitis Moon hole acoustic. Donovan has been given a lifetime achievement award by Radio 2.

January 2011 - Guitar Player magazine has Ron Wood on the front cover with his Zemaitis Disc Front.

Ron Wood with his Zemaitis Disc Front on the front of Guitar Player magazine

October 2010-Ronnie Lane's Zemaitis resonator 6 string features in Vintage guitar magazine.

Vintage Guitar featured Ronnie Lane's Zemaitis resonator (now owned by Keith Smart)

August 2010 - Good to see Ronnie Wood playing his original Zemaitis Disc front with the reformed Faces at Goodwood.

The band sounded great with new vocalist Mick Hucknall and bassist Glen Matlock.

November 2009 - the November issues of leading UK guitar magazines both feature Zemaitis guitars:

'Guitar & Bass' reviewed the Zemaitis Greco GZ501 Diamond - scored 87%

'Guitarist' reviewed AC Zemaitis MF501-BL Metal Front  (4 stars) and Greco GZV-500MF Metal Front Vee (3.5 stars). They also had a reprint from the Z Gazette written by Tony about the Metal Front... and a Zemaitis Pearl Front featuring in their calendar (May).

September 2009 - Rolling Stone's Keith Richards donates his Zemaitis Pearl Front to charity The Rector High School Helping Hands Foundation.

September 2009 - Guitarist magazine (UK) has details on the return of Zemaitis  to the UK "Metal Heart".

Zemaitis in Guitarist magazine Sept 2009 - Metal Heart click on the image for a larger version. October issue promises a feature entitled "Zemaitis Returns"!

August 2009 - Guitarist magazine's 'Uppers Downers' column has an upper saying "ZAMAZING new Japanese-made Zemaitis guitars are clearly in vogue for the classic rock glitterati if Guitarist's recent visit to the Download festival is anything to go by - guitarists from Black Stone Cherry, Buckcherry, Whitesnake, The Answer and Def Leppard were playing them."

July 2009 - Hobbs Farm Music Festival 2008 is using a Zemaitis acoustic image on it's flyer and website.

July 2009 - New George Harrison CD "Let it Roll" has a booklet with a great photo of George's Zemaitis Metal Front.

June 2009 - BBC TV showed a special on Jackie Stewart which included a clip of George Harrison playing one of his (many) Zemaitis acoustic guitars on Faster.

June 2009 - Classic Rock (UK magazine) has James Hetfield (Metallica) on the front cover with his Zemaitis Metal Front Vee.

May 2009 - Great clip on YouTube of Ronnie Wood backstage with his guitars during the Licks Tour 2003. Shows two of his original Zemaitis guitars.

May 2009 - Kenji Suzuki is on tour with Simply Red and is using his Zemaitis Pearl Front.See

January 2009 - The February issue of UK magazine Guitarist has a feature '50 Guitars to play before you die' - nice to see it includes a Zemaitis Metal Front. The caption is 'Don't you wish you were rock 'n; roll enough?'.

Guitarist magazine also includes an article on the HUB's exhibition on British luthiery including Tony McPhee's Metal Front #1 (see December below)

December 2008 - Amongst other guitars, Keith Smart's Ronnie Lane Zemaitis resonator and Tony McPhee's Zemaitis Metal Front (the very first ever made) are on display at THE HUB in Sleaford.

November 2008 - The new Zemaitis Tribal Tattoo Guitar earned a PG Premier Gear Award in Premier Guitar's December issue. The front was designed by Danny O'Brien's son David!

November 2008 - Metallica's James Hetfield has a new Zemaitis Flying V. You can find more details and photos at and  here on the Z Club website.

October 2008 - Tony is of Lithuanian decent. This caught the eye of the Lithuanian newspaper - see the front cover of Vakaru Ekspresas and the main feature on Tony.

September 2008 - You can see some short videos of the Zemaitis Museum on YouTube.

June 2008 - Rave review of the new Zemaitis GZA300-Heart (Greco-Zemaitis) acoustic in US magazine Acoustic Guitar. You can read the review online. There's also a video demo.

May 2008 - The news in Nov 07 about Sir Cliff Richard seen playing a Zemaitis acoustic goes on.. the image has been used on a greetings card!

February 2008 - The latest edition of Japan's Guitar Player Magazine has a few pages on the Zemaitis 12 string that Jimi Hendrix played in his film. It features a full page colour photo, plus copy of a letter from Tony. The guitar is now owned by TALACREST who are/were Ferrari dealers but appeared to have branched out into rock memorabilia.

January 2008 - In Guitarist (UK magazine) Stevie Salas was interviewed. When asked what vintage guitar he'd like to own and keep he replied "An original Zemaitis. I don't know much about re-issues, but the old Zemaitis, they sound insane! I played one in Japan recently and it was like $150,000 or something crazy."

November 2007 - Sir Cliff Richard seen playing a Zemaitis acoustic! On British TV there was a tribute to comedian Kenny Everett which showed Cliff doing one of the guest spots on one of Kenny's old TV programmes.

2007 October - There is a new book out on Zemaitis Guitars. It’s published in Japan but is totally unofficial and unauthorised.

Tony Junior said “This book has been written by Taddy Mitsui, Atsushi Matsuzaki, Hiroshi Suzuki and Naoki Washida – a bunch of Zemaitis enthusiasts in Japan.

“The book is impressive but is totally unofficial and unauthorised and has many inaccuracies and includes many photographs used without permission.

“To top it all, they call themselves fans but none of them even had the decency to let the Zemaitis family know about the project or to send us a copy of the completed book! They showed the same contempt for Kanda Shokai, the manufacturers of Zemaitis International. (Thankfully a true Zemaitis fan did send me a copy.)

“But what can you expect when Taddy set up the Japanese Zemaitis Fan Club against the express wishes of my father. And Atsushi makes guitars that are more or less copies of Zemaitis?

“Danny O’Brien has asked me to add his name to this because he feels equally unimpressed – they even featured some of his photos without permission!

“Buyer Beware!”

July 2007 - Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Still You Turn Me On has Greg Lake playing his Zemaitis 12 string:

2007 May - BBC Radio One's Big Weekend concert had Kasabian playing a metal front on “Shoot the Runner”.

On the same weekend BBC2's TV show "The Seven Ages of Rock" had Hendrix playing the Zemaitis 12.

2007 February - Guitarist Magazine (UK) features Z-Club Chairman Keith Smart's ex Ronnie Lane Zemaitis Resonator in ''My Guitar Is..." in the March issue.

2006 November - The Rolling Stones played at the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles California and Zemaitis International took the opportunity to deliver some custom made prototype guitars to Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood. Keith and Ronnie met up with Zemaitis International to design their new guitars when the Stones toured Japan in April, . Ronnie liked his Metal Front so much he took it on-stage that night! See It’s Only Rock’n Roll

2006 November - Guitar & Bass magazine (UK) has an article on Kris Dollimore which shows his lovely Zemaitis pearl front.  You can read more about Kris & see another pic of his Zemaitis at

2006 October - Guitarist magazine (UK) have included their 2007 calendar in their November issue. It shows 12 highly desirable guitars photographed for previous editions. April features the new Zemaitis Pearl Front.

2006 September - Uncut magazine (UK) runs a feature on the new Stones book TOTA '75 - all about the Stones 1975 US tour. It has loads of great pics of the band including many with Keef and his Zemaitis Macabre. Mind you, it has a hefty price tag of £295 for the Commander issue!

2006 August - A bit closer to home, the Kent Messenger runs a piece on Tony Junior's band Spitfire 4. It talks about having a guitar maker for a dad and runs with the title It's Chord Family Pride .

2006 August - Player (JP) magazine has a Zemaitis guitars popping up everywhere! From Ronnie Wood on the front cover, to a feature on the Stones and well as a review of the new Metal Front bass.

2006 August - Guitar Player (US) magazine reviews one of the new Zemaitis acoustics. Apart from a great review, it was nice to see the author (Art Thompson) refers to one of Tony's Guitar Player interviews in 1988

2006 July - Zemaitis & noodles on TV? Yes it's true! Japanese rock band Earth Shaker are seen playing a Zemaitis on a soup noodle advert that is appearing on Japanese TV.

2006 July - US Magazine Musicians Hotline features Zemaitis.

2006 July - Japan's Guitar Magazine has Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood with new Zemaitis guitars on the front cover:

Japan's Guitar Magazine has Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood with new Zemaitis guitars on the front cover

2006 June - Zemaitis player Gilby Clarke will be on the TV show Rock Star this summer with Tommy Lee and Jason Newsted. CBS has announced that for its second season, the show will be searching for a lead singer for Supernova –a new band made up of Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, Metallica's Jason Newsted, and Gilby Clarke of Guns N' Roses. After the rockers select a new lead singer on the show, Supernova will record their first album. They will also embark on a world tour in early 2007. Watch out for those Zemaitis guitars...

2006 June - GUITARIST magazine (UK) run a two page feature called FRONT END on the new Zemaitis International heart hole acoustic. The April edition had a small photograph of  the guitar, the July edition (out in June) shows the guitar over two pages and it looks stunning!.

2006 May - Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes is on tour with the band in the US. He has just taken delivery of a new Zemaitis Disc Front although his one is custom engraved with a black crow on the front!. The Zemaitis S22 BP III S TerZetto™ is another of his favourite guitars and Rich is using both of these Zemaitis guitars on tour.

Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes with Zemaitis S22 BP III S TerZetto


2006 April - GUITARIST magazine (UK) feature a photograph of a new Zemaitis International heart hole acoustic.

Zemaitis Heart Hole Acoustic in Guitarist Magazine

2006 April - Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood are spotted using new Zemaitis guitars at Rolling Stones concerts in Australia & Japan.

2006 March - WARNING on eBay there was a fraudulent attempt to sell someone's Zemaitis 6-string acoustic! There was a genuine entry by the owner in England and someone in Holland copied the details and set up a bogus sale. Because Zemaitis guitars are so rare it is always a good idea to contact the club before buying. Fortunately this time the bogus sale was spotted by a club member; Keith Smart contacted the owner who got eBay to remove it.

2006 March - Q Classic The Rolling Stones Ultimate Collectors Edition has some great shots of Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood with their Zs.

2006 March - Guitar and bass (U.K.) feature Ronnie Wood's son Jesse in their "Private collection" pages. A Zemaitis International Metal Front is pictured (though it is incorrectly captioned as a Greco)

.Ron Wood's son Jesse & his new Zemaitis Metal Front

2006 February - DVD of JIMI (film about Hendrix) is out now. It features Jimi playing a Zemaitis 12 string on the cover.

DVD of Jimi (film about Jimi Hendrix) features Jimi playing a Zemaitis 12 string on the front cover

2006 January - Zemaitis International show at NAMM.

2005 November – Guitar Buyer (UK) New Zemaitis on front cover, 5 page review and a poster of a Pearl Front

2005 November – Tony Zemaitis Junior and Danny O'Brien visit the major Japanese Music Fair at Yokohama. Zemaitis International have a major stand at the show. Tony and Danny report that there were also a few original Zemaitis guitars in the Vintage section. Tony and Danny also spend some time helping Zemaitis International 'fine tune' the new range of guitars which as they say "Are looking, playing and sounding really good"

2005 November - Hard Rock Treasures DVD released. It features a look at the memorabilia owned by the world famous restaurant chain. One of the scenes filmed involves Peter Frampton getting back his Zemaitis metal front, he said he always regretted swapping it. The Hard Rock Cafe display a number of Zemaitis instruments, but this was the only one to be featured in the DVD.

2005 October - Guitarist (US) run major feature on the new Zemaitis guitars giving a very favourable review

2005 October - Guitar & Bass (UK) magazines Private Collection features Keith Smart’s collection including his Zemaitis guitars

2005 September – Guitar Player (US) Vintage Vaults has great article on Tony Zemaitis and shows copies of some of his letters to the magazine. It also has a good review of a new Zemaitis Disc Front

2005 September – Young Guitar (Japan) cover DVD has Zakk Wylde playing his new Zemaitis

2005 May - James Honeyman-Scott's (The Pretenders) Zemaitis guitar was auctioned by Bonham & Butterfields

James Honeyman-Scott (The Pretenders) Zemaitis Guitar auctioned

2005 January – Vintage Guitar (US) review new Zemaitis Metal Front

2004 November Crossroads DVD released by Eric Clapton (raising money for The Crossroads Centre). The front cover features Ivan the Terrible his Zemaitis 12 string. There is also a huge photographic enlargement of the guitar on stage. The music is great too!

Crossroads DVD released  by Eric Clapton. The front cover features Ivan the Terrible his Zemaitis 12 string.

2004 June - Eric Clapton Guitar Auction at Christies - Zemaitis 12 String Sold for £130,000

Eric Clapton Guitar Auction at Christies - Zemaitis 12 String Sold for £130,000

2003 January - Zemaitis Family Announce Agreement for Continuation of Zemaitis Guitars

1995 March -Guitar World (U.S.A) Feature Ron Wood on the cover with a Zemaitis Heart Hole. Also in the magazine is a one page article "Ron's Luthier" about Tony.

1993 March - Guitarist magazine (UK) ran a 7 page article on Tony, "Pearly King".

1992 December - Guitar magazine (UK) Volume 2 no 12 run a 5 page special on Tony Zemaitis. The article focuses on the Pearl front that Tony made for Gilby Clarke. It was considered expensive at £4000!

1985 June Rod Stewart appears on the front cover of BBC Radio Times (U.K.) clutching his Zemaitis 12 string acoustic.

1982 October - Sounds (U.K) Run a 2 page feature on Tony's guitars.

1982 July - Guitar World (U.S.A.) run a 5 page artivcle on Tony.

1975 April - Guitar Player (U.S.A.) run a 5 page article on Tony.

1975 December - International Musician (U.K.) run a 2 page article on Tony.

1973 March - Beat Instrumental (U.K.) run a 2 page article on Tony.

1972 April - Have a look at this old cutting from Melody Maker (from Tony's scrapbook).

An old cutting from Melody Maker (from Tony's scrapbook).

1972 March - on the 4th of March 1972 an advert appeared in the Melody Maker that gave Tony Zemaitis a most pleasant surprise. The Faces had placed a great bid ad in MM that read 'Tony Zemaitis - we thank you for our guitars, The Faces'. How about that! This is from Tony's scrapbook and you can see wrote 'Bless them".

Melody Maker - The Faces thank Tony Zemaitis

1970 October - Guitar Player (U.S.A.) run an article on "Ivan the Terrible" the 12 string built for Eric Clapton.

1970 October - Guitar Player (U.S.A.) run an article on "Ivan the Terrible" the 12 string built for Eric Clapton.

1970 October - Sounds (UK weekly magazine, now out of publication) ran an article about Tony on 24th October 1970. This was part of their Guitar Survey series.

Sounds (UK weekly magazine, now out of publication) ran an article about Tony on 24th October 1970. This was part of their Guitar Survey series.

1960's - A really early write up when Tony was working from a Chelsea studio. Headline: 'The Former Busker Who Makes Guitars For 100 Guineas'. This is undated but was probably from a local Chelsea paper.

A really early write up when Tony was working from a Chelsea studio. Headline: 'The Former Busker Who Makes Guitars For 100 Guineas'. This is undated but was probably from a local Chelsea paper.


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